ClearForest, a Thomson Reuters company, was founded in 1998 by two professors from the Bar-Ilan university. ClearForest was acquired by Reuters in 2007 and is now part of the Technology division of Thomson Reuters. The group has joined forces with other NLP experts at Thomson Reuters to form the Text Metadata Services (TMS) Group. The TMS mandate is to address the full spectrum of Thomson Reuters metadata requirements. We use various state-of-the-art NLP and machine learning technologies to extract entities, classify topics, detect events in narrative text, and identify meaningful connections between entities within single documents and across large corpora of documents. A key focus of TMS research and development is the application of NLP and machine learning technologies to the field of Big Data. We are helping to connect and bring to life Thomson Reuters wealth of content assets, solidifying its position as the leading source of intelligent information for the world’s businesses and professionals, providing customers with a competitive advantage. TMS is comprised of more than 80 talented technologists, computational linguists, and business professionals in Israel, the U.S.A., and India. Its main base of development and operations is located near Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • dudi220

    Dudi Landau, Israel


    Dudi has been with the TMS Group (formerly ClearForest) since its inception, leading the technology & infrastructure development. He instills a culture of technological excellence and modern software engineering methodologies. Dudi has over ten years of experience in text analytics, information interoperability, linked-data, and big-data, accompanying the materialization of these spaces. He has over 25 years of continuous hands-on experience developing cutting edge technologies, recruiting and leading brilliant people, and delivering robust innovative solutions. Dudi combines his deep, broad, and diverse knowledge of computer science and engineering with a “can do” approach, teamwork, and innovation to create a win.
  • enav

    Enav Weinreb

    Director of NLP & Algorithms

    Enav has a PhD from Ben Gurion University in Computer Science, focusing on topics in Cryptography and Computation Complexity. He spent 2 years as a post-doc before moving to the world of industry. In March 2010, after one year as an algorithms engineer in a data mining oriented start-up, he joined the TMS Group as part of a small research team; in June 2011, he took on the challenge of managing the Algorithms group and continues in that capacity until today.
  • eyal220

    Eyal Kenigsvain

    Director of Platform Development

    Eyal Kenigsvain is the Director of Development for Text Metadata Services at Thomson Reuters. He has software development and management experience spanning 17 years and teams from across the globe. Eyal studied Philosophy and Computer Science at York University in Toronto, Canada. Eyal lives in Ramat Gan with his lovely wife and amazing son. “I believe that software development is more about people than technology.”
  • ganit_rotem

    Ganit Rotem , Israel

    HR Manager, Israel & Palestinian Territories

    Ganit joined Thomson Reuters in 2012 as the Human Resources manager of the TMS Group. She earned her MA in Organizational Psychology from Ben-Gurion University and brings to Thomson Reuters 16 years of experience as a Human Resource professional. In 2013 she expanded her role to become the HR manager of all the Thomson Reuters sites in Israel, including the Jerusalem (Editorial), and Tel-Aviv (Financial & Risk) organizations, and in 2014 she officially became the HR manager of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
  • jason

    Jason Engelbrecht, United Kingdom

    Head of Text Metadata Services (TMS)

    Jason completed his MBA at Cass Business School in London. He has over 17 years of experience in technology, leading many multi-functional teams for some of the world's largest professional information providers and media companies. Previous products have included renewable energy information services as well as some of the largest UK magazine and media brands. Jason is based in London and has been with Thomson Reuters for 2 years. He is the Head of TMS.
  • liat220

    Liat Amram ,Israel

    Director of QA and Deployment

    Liat is a passionate quality assurance and operations professional with 14 years of experience managing and executing quality assurance and release management strategies. Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Management from the Tel Aviv College of Management (2006), she discovered the great appeal of the world of technology. She has since filled many QA roles, specializing in test automation in start-ups and in large corporations. She has taken on management and leadership roles in which she has gained vast experience in building organizational quality strategy and nurturing creative and enthusiastic engineers. Liat joined the TMS Group in 2009, taking responsibility for quality assurance and employment and support functions, and has been given the mandate to effectively transition TMS services and products from QA to customers, technical operation teams and Thomson Reuters data centers.
  • manju

    Manjunath V. Kikkeri, India

    Senior Manager – Technology

    Manju has 20+ years experience in the software development field and has been with Thomson Reuters since 2006. He has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Bangalore University and has vast experience in HVAC, Sales, Finance and Legal domains. He is currently leading the engineering team in Bangalore which is accountable for development and operation of the 'Entity Identification and Resolution' system - Bermuda. In addition to technology he is passionate about traveling, world history, politics, and of course FOOD.
  • Michal-Katz-3-220x150

    Michal Katz

    Program Manager

    Michal heads up our Project Management team and also serves as a Program Manager. She is passionate about technology and about delivering great products and services to customers in a fast, agile way. Since joining the TMS Group, Michal has worked to transform our delivery processes to support quicker time to market. Michal holds both an MBA degree (Marketing major) as well as a BSc. in Life Science (Ecology major). Prior to joining the TMS Group, Michal worked at a large technology company as a project manager for several R&D groups.
  • saar220

    Saar Miron , Israel

    Director of Product Management

    Saar studied Philosophy at Tel Aviv University and Computer Science (MSc) at Imperial College London. His academic background has shaped his professional life and driven him to places where he can originate and shape ideas, and lead to make them happen. He has spent 14 years working for Israeli and Canadian technology companies, in various entrepreneurial, development, and product leadership roles. In 2010 he joined the TMS Group and helped build the product management team which he heads today.  
  • Tamir Yatziv

    Tamir Yatziv ,Israel

    Director of Software Engineering

    Tamir has vast experience managing core development of services and products in an agile environment. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzeliya, with a focus on security. Tamir has held a variety of positions, and has a record of delivering quality enterprise systems on time, from initial specs to production deployment. In 2012, Tamir joined Thomson Reuters as a software engineer with the Text Metadata Services (TMS) group, later took on the role of team leader, and is currently the Director of Software Engineering at TMS